XenophonDAO is committed to building a blockchain world bank with a user-focused approach to building DAO consensus and breaking centralized rule


Xenophon is a DeFi 2.0 based decentralized reserve asset protocol. Xenophon with XPH currency can be understood as the USD dollar in the decentralized network but it is not controlled by the policies or other factors. Xenophon is committed to create a currency system that can be used to improve the stability of currency prices and optimize price consistency. This system will ultimately enable XPH currency to become the universal medium of exchange and accounting unit. This USA headquartered company is highly committed towards development goals, allows its community members to participate in DAO consensus, and is working to build a blockchain world bank.

XenophonDAO is committed to building a blockchain world bank and realizing DAF

In 1997 Apple through its Think Different Campaign published an ad quote which can be summarized as the people who are willing to bring some change in the world are seen as crazy people, still they cannot be ignored because they are who actually change things.

Following this concept of Apple, Xenophon DAO is brave enough to think differently to bring something new and better. To provide ease to its users Xenophon decided to overcome the complications to participate in the historic events. Resultantly, Xenophon DAO is positioned as the blockchain world bank. Xenophon also announced that exciting events are going to happen in the future for realization and implementation of Decentralized Autonomous Finance, DAF. The XenophonDAO team is continuously working on building an outstanding map of the blockchain world bank.

The audience of XenophonDAO highly appreciated this decision and is enthusiastically supporting it to help build the world’s outclass bank.

XenophonDAO decided to decentralize the governance rights

XenophonDAO highly promotes transparency and community development. To be a further open ecosystem and to better motivate the community, XenophonDAO decided to decentralize the governance rights. It included the rights of DAO and Treasury to the community. It also helped to bring autonomy in the DAO and DAF community. The autonomy ensures that the community can more easily work with Xenophon building trillion-dollar products in the DAO field.

The company also made unanimous decisions regarding IDO, DAO and Treasury pool with investment institutions and community. The summary of these decisions is as follows.

  • Users can participate in IDO through whitelist subscription only. XenophonDAO governance ensures fair qualification for participation therefore, no one gets early access to IDO.
  • To guarantee the upfront dedication of the community, XenophonDAO is working to open signature rights for communities in terms of DAO and Treasury pool. Through this, no one will be able to privately divert the funds.
  • Xenophon established 10 consensus communities in more than 10 different countries, worldwide. The volunteers and leaders of these communities can directly interact with XenophonDAO through emails and the Discord group.

XenophonDAO voting feature is Live on Snapshot

XenophonDAO already has an amazing community but there is always space for improvement. Xenophon is determined to build a community similar to BTC where participants and its entire community can freely and autonomously build and improve it following the advancements and market demands.

To achieve this goal. XenophonDAO featured community voting live on Snapshot. The decisions related to Xenophon products will be implemented according to the voting outcomes. To make this decision more beneficial for XenophonDAO, the company will keep on improving the voting feature.

XenophonDAO is a unique DAO governance project

The XPH token of XenophonDAO is linked to the decentralized token BUSD and establishes a treasury. It will be gradually transformed to assets such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. The ultimate goal of XenophonDAO through XPH is to develop a fully decentralized global asset reserve.

sXPH is used for governance purposes on XenophonDAO. XenophonDAO is a unique DAO governance project where community’s consent matters a lot. Users can participate in voting using sXPH. Through voting, users can jointly decide on every major decision on Xenophon and to govern the community.

But as the protocol is in its initial stages and due to rapid iterations, currently Xenophon team makes most of the decision. Still, before making any decision, it is considered critical to take feedback from the community. The team shares rationale for decisions in the forum. This method of decision making will remain until XenophonDAO launches an on-chain governance portal for all sXPH holders to participate in decision making.

XenophonDAO community users develop independently

XenophonDAO considers its community very important. The team holds several Ask Me Anything (AMA) series, to let them know more about the protocol and clear their confusions.

XenophonDAO is designed in such a way that community users develop independently, earning profits. Through voting they participate in the consensus to govern the decision on protocol. This makes the community stronger, and their trust also increases as they are able to decide for themselves what they are expecting from the protocol.

The roadmap of XenophonDAO is clear and highly prosperous

XenophonDAO is committed towards development and steadily working to achieve its planned milestones.

1- Q1 2022 Adds membership system and improves staking strategy

Staking is one of the most important value acquisition strategies of XenophonDAO. It allows users to earn compound interest.  The profit varies according to the amount of XPH staked in the XenophonDAO protocol. It also varies with the current reward rate.

In the first quarter of 2022, XenophonDAO is committed to improve the staking strategy. It will add a membership system, adding more ease to users.

2- Q2 2022 Xenophon Protocol will be integrated with various chains and provide external API calls

In the next quarter of 2022, XenophonDAO will work on expanding its network, by interacting with other various chains. The company will also provide external API calls that will improve overall connectivity and collaboration.

3- Q3 2022 Xenophon Protocol will be integrated with Layer 2

In the third quarter of 2022, XenophonDAO will be integrated with Layer 2. The company is primarily willing to take advantage of the power of Zero-Knowledge Technology, the one of the implementations of Layer 2. By doing this, XenophonDAO will be focused on scaling up the network while taking advantage of strong decentralized security on Layer 2.

4- Q4 2022 Xenophon Protocol builds the Metaverse and NFT economic models for Dapps

NFT and Metaverse are among the sectors of blockchain and crypto industries which have gained momentum in the recent few months, earning billions of dollars. Multiple blockbuster projects are coming in the market, gaining huge attention and adoption. Following this interest of users, in the 4th quarter of 2022, XenophonDAO will build the Metaverse and NFT economic models for Dapps.

Moreover, XenophonDAO is willing to broaden the concept of selling XPH through the bond process, into NFT. Selling bonds will provide liquidity to XenophonDAO. When the protocol builds its own liquidity market, it will generate more income to reward and support finance.

5- Q1 2023 Fully focuses on building Xenophon Protocol ecosystem

After achieving the integration goals, the company will focus on building the ecosystem of its protocol. The robust ecosystem will promote the quality services and trust of the community in the project.

XenophonDAO is a different project from other DAO consensus projects with its unique and advanced vision.

The future development trend of XenophonDAO

XenophonDAO is a protocol still in the early stages of development. The company is willing to stick to its original philosophy for moving forward in the future.

Xenophon chose not to hold any XPH. All the data related to the protocol will be publicly available. It will put more focus and resources on the development of products and their marketing, enabling users to learn more clearly about the protocol.

Users will soon start receiving potential results from XenophonDAO. Following its roadmap, the company will provide several developmental trends. To truly take advantage of this system, users have to keep belief in it and continue supporting it. Because, like BTC, XenophonDAO is going to be an excellent project of the future.


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