VibraVid’s new partnerships & John McAfee’s support propels BeatzCoin ahead of its IEO on ProBit Exchange from Sept 30


An exclusive interview with U.Today, vocal Tron proponent Misha Lederman shares his thoughts on Justin Sun, John McAfee, and the disruption of YouTube’s hegemony. Source: U.Today

Misha Lederman, VibraVid Chief Communications Officer (CCO) talked with the U.Today and discussed their project who wants to take on YouTube.

During his interview, when U.Today asked: How will you monetize VibraVid?, Misha responded:

“VibraVid is monetized through the cryptocurrency BeatzCoin (BTZC), and our IEO is commencing on September 30. There will be several ways to monetize your content on VibraVid.”  – Misha Lederman

Lederman also mentioned that they will be introducing a new model of bounties where content creators or marketers pay users for watching their content in order to promote their work and gain views, traction, and reach.

In the past few weeks, VibraVid a new music and video sharing platform has been growing at an extremely rapid rate. The partnership between VibraVid and Changelly makes the exchange of BTC, ETH and over 150 other cryptocurrencies to and from BeatzCoin (BTZC) quick and easy. Changelly’s widget will be added to the VibraVid platform, broadening the user base and providing seamless integration and instant swaps for a great majority of cryptocurrency users.

“We are proud to collaborate with VibraVid, and we gladly welcome BTZC token to our platform. Companies like VibraVid are accelerating cryptocurrencies adoption through digital content and I can’t think of a more natural way than to pay for a new music album in crypto” — admits Eric Benz, CEO of Changelly.

VibraVid also announced a partnership between them and hardware wallet provider Ellipal. The Ellipal Titan, the most secure air-gapped and IP65 rated metal sealed hardware wallet on the market today with mobile support, will let the BTCZ holders to safely store their digital assets.  

VibraVid expressed the benefits of the Ellipal Hardware Wallet for Complete Isolation, Multiple Verification methods, QR codes, Simple Recovery, and it is very simple for anyone to set up new accounts in less than a minute.

Social media sensations are the young generation’s new mega artist and celebrity. Social media platforms like YouTube gives a power to the creative content creators to mark their name on the stone. This time, VibraVid Inc., is driving interactions between fans and creators in a more fair way.

VibraVid includes a cryptocurrency of its own known as BeatzCoin (BTZC). It’s a lubricant that makes it easier for users to do some self-marketing, or buy content, and connect directly with the content creators.

VibraVid was endorsed by a famous crypto influencer John Mcafee who is a big supporter and promoter of the VibraVid Inc, and who on September 24 posted a video to his 1.1 million twitter followers, stating that “blockchain has the power to give artists and musicians the ownership of their own creation with VibraVid powered by BeatzCoin.” McAfee also called on his audience to participate in the BeatzCoin. IEO set to commence on September 30, 2019, on the regulated Korean exchange, Probit.


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