TRON Fastest Growing Decentralized Application (DApp) User Base


TRON investors have reason to celebrate. While the entire cryptocurrency market is experiencing a bullish turn-around, with coin prices entering their second straight week of increase, TRON is also showing signs of considerable adoption.

According to a report published by analytics website on April 9, TRON has the fastest growing decentralized application (DApp) user base of any cryptocurrency network on the market. The report, which looked at the growth of cryptocurrency decentralized applications development and users throughout the first quarter of 2019 concluded that TRON is building the most momentum. Of the four cryptocurrencies analyzed–Ethereum, EOS, Steem and TRON–which account for almost 100% of DApp creation and activity, TRON led the rest in terms of monthly active users.

Overall the four blockchain platforms accounted for $3.2 billion in total transaction volume through the first 3 months of the year, with EOS and TRON accounting for the largest number of transactions. Gambling DApps continues to be the industry darling and catalyst for growth, with reporting gambling brought “nearly 350,000 users to the dapp ecosystem” during Q1 2019. Gaming and exchanges registered equal amounts of new creation, bringing in an additional 90,000 new users to the DApp marketplace.

Earlier in the month, the TRON Foundation released a statement encouraging developers and users to respect the governing laws of their region, specifically highlighting the ban on gambling applications in Japan. Nonetheless, there DApp user growth has continued to outpace the market, with the network also experiencing its highest single-day transaction volume of all time on March 15 at over $91 million.



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