TradeSanta – A crypto trading platform with a trading bot that trades for you.


From cryptocurrencies, you can make money in two ways. In a first way, you can purchase few coins and hold them for an extended period of time and then sell them when its value rises and in a second way, you can initiate cryptocurrencies trading where you need to trade either manually or with some of the best trading bots. It is true that if you will hold cryptocurrency for a long period of time, then the result is high regarding but for that, you require a lot of patience along with time as you are required to wait till the value of the currency increases. Therefore, more investors at present preferring to go with the trading option.

Crypto trading has become very easy than before because of the development of classy exchange platforms along with noble and user-friendly options for storage. There are numerous cryptocurrencies trading on several exchanges all the time, thereby making it just impossible for peoples to keep up with it. But the utilization of trading bot has made this task easy. TradeSanta allows you to make your algorithm trading strategies that will trade for you non-stop.

With TradeSanta you get access to your desired exchanges and that too on one single platform. There is also no requirement of coding experience. Utilizing trading bots for crypto trading is one of the profits making strategy for trading where the bot trades for you thereby making several micro trades in a. Trading here is one of the stress-free experiences as you don’t have to keep a watch over the market all the time Your bot performance depends both on market conditions and settings. We don’t guarantee any profits.

TradeSanta has made crypto trading very simple with its crypto trading bots. You just have to connect to your preferred exchanges by using API keys then select from several technical indicators present to make a good trading decision and this strategy is used for trading on exchanges by trading bot. It was launched in the year 2018 and is an automated crypto trading tool that has been developed with the sole purpose of automating the trading plans. It is one of the most reliable platforms for trading and is highly secured as it cannot withdraw fund from the user account without their prior permission. The bot can trade through API keys from the exchanges that it supports.

When you perform trading on TradeSanta you can

  • Supervise your trading performance by utilizing a dashboard.
  • Data based bots that remove the human emotion out from trading
  • Do fast trading because of the latest software architecture and user-friendly interface.
  • Trade without stopping on the cloud.
  • Trade on a highly secured platform with two-factor authentication.

TradeSanta is growing at a tremendous rate and at present, it is free to use. It allows a trader to trade 24/7 without the need of making it a full-time work and also not by missing any trades due to unavailability, thanks to the automated trading process. It supports exchanges like Binnance, Bittrex, and HitBTC etc and is looking forward to supporting many other exchanges across the globe. In coming years it will add more and more beneficial features for the traders that will make the process of trading fast, reliable and easy. As the Blockchain industry is growing with a lot of positive developments, the trading platform also growing at the same rate.

Automated Crypto Trading Made Simple by TradeSanta, a cloud trading software that allows you to take advantage of crypto market fluctuations. Connect TradeSanta to your exchange and trade 24/7 without making it a full-time job.


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