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As it seems like the new topic these days in the adoption world is the correct amount of centralization vs decentralization. Enter Ovato (Symbol: OVO), based in Singapore Ovato is currently trading in the $3.70 USDT range and is taking the unique approach of providing a centralized business process in our new decentralized environment.

Firstly, what great about Ovato is they have taken a very unique approach end of design between centralization and decentralization. It’s built on a robust platform originating from forked bitcoin protocol built with a unique suite of wallets. The Maximum amount of coins that can never be meant it is 34 million with the bulk of the coins also part of a multi sig wallet providing a slow leak out for high concentration levels of coin stakeholders.

Secondly what makes this Ovato very exciting is the large economic utility for the company is building though it rewards platform called owards ( ). Ovato has developed a pretty interesting model with respect to the building out of its economy. Owards operates like your typical rebate and rewards company but what they do is offer the rewards in the form of Ovato coin. This is an anticipated to generate a large amount of users for the currency. But here’s where it gets interesting they’ve then go out and solicit these users with special offers discounts and rebates from other merchants thereby creating a value-added exclusive community for all those who use it. Pretty interesting.

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Currently Owards has 2,000 nation-wide brands that they use. The site is currently in beta and is expected to launch fully first quarter 2021. Users can register for free and immediately receive money-saving coupon codes, and anytime a user shops online, they get rewarded back in Ovato. Users can also earn additional Ovato through their social media activity, feedback, and surveys.

Currently Ovato trades on Whitebit ( )  We anticipate Ovato to trade much higher in 2021. We wouldn’t be surprised to see OVO trade in the $40 range in the next 12 months

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