The Egg Society; A Unique NFTS Collection Of All Times


The egg society is offering unique NFTs, and it is a community-based project that is going to be one of the most significant projects of all times.

The egg society is ready to revolutionize the NFT space. The great news about this project is; it will play a part in metaverses. Furthermore, THE EGG Society announced that they are committed to building their NFTs society on metaverse platforms; Sandbox, Volex, New Pangea, Frogland’s, and many others. It’s good news for all NFTs owners of THE EGG SOCIETY they can be part of this innovative project.

The EGG SOCIETY’s NFTs collection:

EGG society has 8.888 special NFTs, and it works on Ethereum Blockchain. EGG society has a smart contract on ERC-721. These unique NFTs encompass 200 gripping hand-drawn traits. The inclusive purpose of this project is to create a community-led project.

  • When the public sale ends, we will announce treasury wallet seeded with $500K. Which will be managed through voting by members of EGG society rather than DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).
  • As mentioned above, EGG is pledged to metaverse built outs in various metaverses platforms.
  • Owners of 2D Egg will be rewarded with free 3D Egg This 3D Egg mint will be playable on Sandbox and others soon.
  • Free AirDrops are another fantastic grant of this project. Egg society gives its members free access to different airdrops of tokenized digital art. The airdrops will be offered to 10 highest-level members of Egg’s discord community.
  • The Egg society is bringing their Special Legendary Eggs, which are unique and rarest. Owning these rare NFTs collections will be a fabulous experience for sure.
  • Eggs NFTs have outstanding features; they attract attention in seconds, a fantastic creation of Egg society’s designer.

The egg society has an excellent plan; the road map of this project shows that at 75% sales, they will be distributed 10ETH among the top 10 buyers. At 100% sale of their Egg NFTs, they will allot 10 legendary NFTs. The use of these special NFTs will depend on their owner. Owners of these legendary NFTs can be any well-known personality, e.g., celebrity, etc.

How to buy Egg society NFT?

If you want to mint your first Egg NFT, get yourself whitelisted on Egg society’s discord server. Through their official website, you can buy an Egg society NFT easily.

Closing Words

Egg society NFT is unique for many reasons, some defined above. Moreover, you can get a deep insight into this project from the official website of “Egg society.” It’s not only a simple NFT platform but a whole community with unlimited benefits for all members. As time passes and the community grows, the rewards and utilities of Egg society NFT also grow.

You can find more info about The Egg Society NFTs at:
Discord Server:


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