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Bitmed Token

Bitmed is a dedicated healthcare launchpad whose main focus is to create a great ecosystem for creating and sharing powerful, dependable and downright innovative solutions. There are a plethora of extraordinary, incredible crypto healthcare projects, but it can be hard to narrow down which are the best in the industry, and Bitmed is here to do that for you.

What Bitmed services are there?

The entire Bitmed system will be a business to business model. Bitmed will allow cryptocurrency projects to connect with potential customers and eventually the platform will have its own blockchain with new projects that can launch their own tokens in an engaging and empowering manner.

On top of that, there will also be the Medicall telemedicine platform that offers virtual medical consultations and blockchain based electronic health records. There are a lot of people that are unable to visit a doctor, but they need their expertise and knowledge. With help from a dependable doctor, patients are able to receive better assistance and help, which in turn delivers much better medical solutions. The platform itself is designed to grow and assist patients with virtual medical consultations that are secured, high quality and professional. Hospitals and clinics that want to purchase the Medicall platform and own Bitmed tokens will have a discount!

There’s also the Medifi marketplace. Medifi’s focus is to help users share their health data with third parties like pharmacies or research institutions. These need data in order to innovate and create powerful, extraordinary and very dependable products that will help push the industry to the next level.

What should you know about the Bitmed token?

Bitmed’s token helps deliver exclusive access to services within the ecosystem. Aside from that, the token can also be used to farm other tokens found in the launchpad farming tools. The token itself helps provide staking rewards, and you will also receive early access to any Bitmed launchpad projects too. Not only that, but companies that use the Medifi marketplace will receive a discount whenever they use the Bitmed tokens. Patients can even pay their own bills to healthcare providers with these tokens too.

Why is Bitmed the right solution for the healthcare industry?

Bitmed is a company focused on innovation. It helps push the boundaries and truly take the experience to the next level. In addition, it helps create a great marketplace that only pushes the limits for companies that truly deserve it. It’s also fully focused on community assistance and support. The cryptocurrency provided here is an astounding asset that not only helps engage the community, but it also pushes this vision to new heights.

The Bitmed platform pushes the boundaries as the first healthcare launchpad for crypto projects in the entire world. On top of that, it offers multiple service layers to ensure that businesses get to fulfill their needs, while also helping patients the right way. Bitmed delivers the innovation quality and commitment to excellence that we all need in order to take the healthcare industry forward. On top of that, its token system helps early adopters and it rewards them with some incredible benefits!

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