Swace: More than just a gaming platform, a Novel and Fun Way of Brand-User Interaction


The latest trend in the crypto world, after the fall of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in 2018, is IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) which has gained popularity owing it to the fact that startups, particularly, blockchain-based ones, can partner with exchanges and enhance brand communication, ensure a focused as well as safer investor conditions, and streamline all the logistics involved in launching a new token. The IEO market now stands at a value of 160 million USD since the beginning of 2019. Swace, a blockchain-based social gaming platform, has evolved in the IEO arena as a platform where users engage with brands in a way that they feel included as part of the brand’s vision.

Brands face the need for engagement with their customers and Swace answers all the needs by giving them a platform where they can have users compete, challenge themselves, and get rewarded for displaying brand loyalty. They get rewarded in Swace tokens and other real-life prizes. There are several different challenge or game types that Swace enables, encouraging users to socialize, interact with brands, and change their daily routine and seek personal improvement or even become fashion icons. Swace token can be used within the token economy and to swap it with goods belonging to partner brands.

The Need for Brand Engagement with Users

The debacle of Nokia has made it evident that if you do not change your strategy and technology with the latest trends, your flourishing business can meet an untimely death. Any business in today’s era needs a marketing strategy that involves social media like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and a plethora of trending digital marketing strategies. It is imperative that you keep your customers on board with your brand to have a successful run in this digital age. Swace enables the decision-makers of a company to promote their brands through engagement with users who are rewarded for being loyal to their brands and participating in brand promotion campaigns.

Swace Vision and Roadmap

Built on blockchain technology, Swace leverages the functionalities of smart contracts to help users connect commercially with brands where users’ interaction with brands would earn them rewards. Swace has been listed on many exchanges like Probit, CoinTiger, IDEX, Shortex, and recently on the STEX. Although there are many challenges in Swace’s industry and severe competition, Swace’s unwavering motto is not based on the success of a single project. Swace believes in the concept, the product, and the flow where it strives to create a sustainable and valuable business model for both Swace and the brand. There are transparency and distribution in the Swace gaming community which helps in improving the ROI of the brands which are listed on Swace. In Swace platform, players engage with their favorite and preferred brands thereby Strengthening the marketing investments of these brands.

How to Swace Away  

  • The Swace app has pre-configured gaming frames where any brand can select a specific game scenario to launch their social advertising gaming campaign.
  • Based on the scenario chosen, the app calculates the operation cost which the brand would need to pay for hosting and managing their chosen game.
  • After this, the advertising budget of the brand will be charged and Swace will fund the game-winning pool within the app by using Swace tokens.
  • Brands can also choose to buy Swace tokens from other token holders within the internal Swace exchange. These token holders could be gamers, other brands, investors, etc.
  • Gamers can use the Swace token to exchange them with real products and services available in the Swace marketplace through associated brands. They can also use these tokens at brand stores or convert them into FIAT currencies at the Swace Swap Exchange.
  • Brands can benefit from the coins collected from gamers to launch new games via the Swace app or exchange them at the Swace Swap.

All About Swace Token

The business model of the Swace app revolves around the Swace token which is a tokenized utility recognized by a central bank in European Union Member State. The tokens are made available through the Swap IEO. IEO encourages safer investment conditions by dictating investors to pass KYC/AML procedures. For better security, the wallets of the Swace team, bounty, and foundation are vested which means their token is locked in for a certain period of time (6 months for bounty participants, 48 months for Swap foundation, 30 days for pre-sales investors, and 24 months for the team).

What’s in it for the Users

Brands are putting forth a gamified lifestyle for their clients through the Swace platform. By getting into a gaming challenge, it is a widely known fact that your brains get flooded with dopamine and testosterone when you win a challenge, making you more confident and smarter in the long run. This is why Swace has got an enthusiastic response from users and Swace is confident that it will become a new phenomenon in the social media world. Here is a glimpse of how these socially interactive Swace games can bring users loads of rewards:

  • Emotion – By sharing a moment with a brand at a specified time, users can get rewarded. These photo-worthy moments of a user’s life when linked to the brand create a deep and quality user engagement.
  • Voting – You could upload a picture based on an announced theme and try to collect maximum votes from other users. This requires creativity and a competitive drive which creates excitement amongst users associated with the brand.
  • Location – This is a challenge based on habit-building principles which mean repetitive interaction with a brand in a concentrated time span which helps in deepening the loyalty. In this, you need to visit a specified number of locations within a given time period and take pictures of the brand in action and share them.
  • Product testing – The brand selects a set of audiences for testing their products and gets credible feedback. The platform serves as an easy, effective, and cheap substitute for a rather ultra-expensive product testing research. Users get a free sample of the product and the brand gets realistic feedback from a credible audience.

Swace NFT Web Version

Swace has announced working on its own web version of NFT because NFT seems to be cut-out perfectly for the business model of Swace. The brand, as well as members, don’t just get to have fun with games, they can also engage and participate in the latest branded NFT trends with Swace.

The Roadmap and Beta Launch 

Swace is releasing its Swace App (0.9 version) in its beta launch on the 30th of April and plans to take out Swace app version 1.0 in the 2nd quarter of 2021 along with Swace NFT and Marketplace launch. The third quarter of 2021 will see Swace coming out with location and AR-based games as well as Swace Stream.


Brands can meet their customers in a fun, engaging, and rewarding way by using Swace. If you combine grace with swagger, you get Swace which is a culmination of three main features: a brand-user engagement through games, usage of blockchain to offer real value rewards to users, and a world (both online and offline) where Swacing is encouraged to enhance users lifestyle and make it more fun and gamified.

To learn more about Swace visit swace.io

Twitter : https://twitter.com/swaceapp
Telegram : https://t.me/swace
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/swaceapp/
Medium : https://medium.com/swace


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