Sonata is Ready for the Big Bang


Every corner of the crypto community has caught the message that the cryptocurrency exchange has officially started the public sale of its security token SONT. The crypto public highly anticipates the newcomer as it plans to include many promising features. The platform will combine an unmatched degree of security, intuitive design and possibility to trade with security tokens.

While there is a considerable amount of crypto exchanges each of them some problems, being it security breaches, a limited number of offered trade pairs or low customer support service. promises to bring all of it into an entirely new level. The first expressions only confirm that the plan works out well so far.

STOs Win the Bread

The year of 2017 was the year of ICOs. Thousands of new projects arose promising heavens to those who backed them by their money. A year later, however, many of them were just scams stealing money from the investors without any value to counteroffer. Potential buyers started to get much more cautious after a series of scandals and began to call for more secure means of investments. That is where the STOs came to the scene.

SONT belongs to the group of security tokens which similarly, to traditional stock, represents a share of the company value. The investor receives powers like those of the company shareholders. They can use the ability to change the direction of the company or gain their share of profit in the form of dividends. The most important feature about the STOs is that they exist in an environment regulated by the institutional bodies such as SEC. That is why they attract potential investors who were reluctant to give their money into a speculative project. Let´s face the truth – most of the ICOs were mere speculations.

The Sonata Revolution

You may be asking now, what is so special about that you should waste your money with that? Several key features should help the project to succeed.

Security is the key. Investors must be sure that their money will not disappear in the black hole. utilizes a multi-level system. It stores all cryptos on hardware ledgers and keeps every transaction encrypted. On a higher level, the exchange is protected using a revolutionary coding created with the help of a large team of cybernetic security experts. Since is a Czech Republic-based project, a strict law concerning the privacy takes place there. The company is not allowed to provide personal data of its clients to any third party.

The line between success and failure in the modern world lies in the design. That is why the project comes with fresh visuals and intuitive easy-to-control design. The user-oriented layout of the exchange is as simple and as appealing to the user as possible. The designers are testing every piece of the project making sure that everything works correctly. Just one glance and you will feel the difference between this exchange and its blunt and grey competition.

The robust architecture is similar to that used by companies like Youtube, Reddit or Google, adequately distributing the power when processing thousands of transactions in a single moment. The scalability helps to prevent crashes during an excessive workload. The combination of Go and Python and JavaScript contributes to the top-notch level of site optimization. also promises various revolutionary features such as AI predictions of prices and trade assistants available to beginners who want to learn how to trade. The exchange supports margin trading and protects investors from negative trading. The support for custom bots is included as well.

A Share for the Holders

The SONT tokens had started their journey on 1st March 2019 when it became available in public sale. Their owners will receive a dividend of 80 % from all trading fees which should gradually rise as will the daily volume of the exchange. does not rely on STO funding as it is fully funded, and the sale of the tokens serves only to attract possible investors. The exchange plans to sell security tokens of other companies but cannot ensure availability in every country due to the regulative policies towards the security tokens.

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