SKIDDO protocol. ecosystem charity token.

skiddo protocol

The SKIDDO vision.

The decentralised finance (DeFi) sector has been revolutionary. DeFi makes financial inclusion a reality, giving the unbanked ownership of their finances – anyplace and anytime. Despite the efforts of decreasing income inequality we are still left with hundreds of millions surviving on pennies.

The human costs of unrestrained inequality are devastating to children. According to World Bank data, close to 400 million children live under extremely poor conditions. High poverty levels are a life- threatening challenge, as per a report by the US census bureau.

Most people willing to stem the tide of poverty suffer from standard operational costs which significantly a donations’ efficacy. As an illustration, the US-based Kids Wish Network would raise millions of dollars for sick and dying children but only spend 3 cents per dollar on these kids.

The blockchain.

Blockchain technology can change this narrative and help channel donations to the right recipient. All blockchain records are immutable and secure. They are transparent and traceable and can eliminate fraud in charity.

Blockchain technology can do much more than supervise the distribution of donations. Decentralized finance projects such as Success Kid (SKIDDO) are seeking to include an effective component to their ecosystem by sustainable and efficient giving.

Their focus is to donate their own currency, $SKIDDO, to children while also providing financial education via the static reward system.

Success Kid’s (SKIDDO) sustainable static reward system.

We love SKIDDO’s static reward system, because simply by holding to your SKIDDO you earn more of it. The blockchain is programmed in a way that every movement in the SKIDDO network charges a small transaction fee that is distributed to all SKIDDO holders, like the blockchain’s version of a dividend.

The founders own less than 6% of the total SKIDDO in circulation and all in and outgoing transactions are public for anyone to view on

SKIDDO can only be purchased through the the Binance Smart Chain hosted application Pancakeswap v1 and is currently navigating the restrictions placed on low market cap coins. If they can achieve their investment goals of 500 BNB, they can migrate and rise to the top of BSC hosted cryptocurrency projects.


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