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Save the World Token Reallocates Millions from Crypto Arena to Uplift Lives and Communities

Save the World Token

Billions of dollars are being circulated in the cryptocurrency arena every day, but not many tokens are dedicated to truly helping lives and communities worldwide. Hence, Save the World wanted to redistribute some of the funds generated in crypto trading to give to people who desperately need the resources. Instead of merely giving investors opportunities to grow their wealth, Save the World is encouraging them to play an active role in changing the world.

Save the World is an investment token that proactively impacts the world. The token is available on the Binance Smart Chain and has donated over $2.2 million to various charities since May of this year. The number of its beneficiaries continues to grow every day. Save the World has helped organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Act Now Africam, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation, and many more.

For only six months, Save the World has created more impact than any other token in the blockchain. Because of its rapid rise, the token has gained endorsements from noteworthy individuals, including Michael Blackson, Bob Marley’s grandson Biggz Marley, Sizzla, Anthony Hamilton, and many more. The token is further gaining support from communities across the globe with its ability to provide solutions and allocate resources efficiently.

Save the World has effectively allocated its resources to address some of today’s most pressing issues. The token’s success has donated over $1.7 million to COVID-19 relief in the form of PPEs, ventilators, and supplies given to medical professionals in different hospitals in India. The company has also given over $50,000 to Michael Blackson’s mission to build a school in Ghana and provide tuition fee placements for every student in the institution set to launch in September 2022.

Furthermore, Save the World has donated $60,000 to Act Now Africa. The organization fights against gender-based violence. The donation also fueled the building of shelters and schools, as well as food, for the beneficiaries of the foundation. On top of that, Save the World has allocated over $80,000 to the American Cancer Society to help the organization’s research and plight to find a cure for one of today’s most rampant diseases.

In addition, Save the World has been actively contributing to other projects and organizations, including The Eden Reforestation Project and The Real Life Superhero Project, which helps people in shelters and soup kitchens. Save the World also threw an event for Shawn Mkhize, who was named the 2020 International Woman of the Year. In commemoration of her three decades in business, Save the World helped Shawn build 30 houses to give to her community.

“By entering our ecosystem and purchasing SAVE, you are directly contributing to the charity we are campaigning for at that given time,” shared the founders. “Save the World does not tie itself to one specific cause, giving us the flexibility to help anyone around the world.”

In five years, Save the World aims to expand its influence beyond the crypto space and attract more mainstream investors to increase their resources and create an even more significant impact.

Learn more about Save the World on its website.



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