In just a few days’ time our Family & Friends program will come to an end. Use the remaining time to secure 50% bonus on every purchase of our brand new RachelX (RACH) tokens. The bonus ends with the start of our IEOs on 15/08/2019 1:00 PM UTC. You read that right, we are the first token to simultaneously start their IEO on not one, but four exchanges. This is unique and unprecedented! Our RACH token implements the newest ERC777 standard that promises maximum safety, while still being fully backwards compatible to the renowned ERC20 standard. Use this opportunity to get yourself an amazing 50% bonus on every purchase. Still on the fence? Even after our Family & Friends program ends, a bonus between 15% and 25% is still possible during the IEO.


RachelX is making great waves and occupying new market niches. Having experience in running the house of pleasures, pleasure shops and been in the business for a long time gives them a significant advantage to utilize the trend and ride on the digital wave.

What is under family and friends offer ?

1.00 RACH at 0.00003102 ETH ends with the IEO 50.000.000 RachelX Token (RACH) for each token purchased, half a token will be granted as a bonus, resulting in a purchase price of 0.00003102 ETH

The team of RachelX has the optimum position to develop the project because their team together has more than 10 years of experience, they are Using their know-how and merging it with the newest opportunities presented by technological innovation

RachelX is conducting IEO on 4 exchanges simultaneously, LAtoken, Vindax, Finexbox, and Exmarkets.

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