Ozura’s Metaverse is Miles Ahead of Decentraland and Sandbox Before Launch!


From a wide range of fascinating games to valuable assets, metahomes, an exclusive NFT marketplace, and unique customizable avatars, Ozura has all you need to build one of the most outstanding characters and environment in the virtual world.

Ozura’s avatar-based games allow gamers to customize their avatars, thereby increasing engagement, user enjoyment, and presence. Gamers can design avatars to be as surreal or as realistic as they choose.

You can think of the ozuratar as your representation, digital identity and potential substitutes in the Ozura metaverse. This avatar is built in such a way that you can customize and make it look more like your image in the real world by editing your avatar’s hair, eyewear, shirts, jewelry, pants, and more to showcase your traits and likings.

Having discussed the Ozura game assets and its tradable items in our previous post (hyperlink this with “Ozura game content”), we will now focus on ozuratars – another intriguing feature of the Ozura gaming metaverse in this article. Keep reading to learn more!

What is an Ozuratar?

The Ozuratar is your avatar in the metaverse, or let’s just say that it is your image or character in the virtual world.

Ozurators allow gamers in the metaverse to interact in a range of situations by emulating the gamer’s traits to varying degrees of precision.

It is the picture or animated version that other users will see and interact with within the Ozura metaverse.

Just like the typical avatar designs in entertainment and gaming environments, Ozuratars are designed to embody a gamer’s real or desired traits in a virtual character, and this sense of embodiment can improve overall perceptual experience and engagement within the Ozura metaverse.

How To Get the Best Avatar in The Ozura Metaverse?

Continue reading to find out the two types of avatars users can use in the Ozura metaverse!

1. Mint Customizable Ozuratars

The best way to get the most attractive ozuratar in the virtual world involves customizing an avatar to suit your taste. Ozura allows only a certain number of registered users to mint an ozuratar in every individual minting phase. These phases introduce new environments, items, and games into the Ozura ecosystem and therefore are limited in how many ozuratar NFTs can actually be minted for use.

It means you must be among the first users looking to mint a new and customizable avatar or ozuratar in each phase of Ozura. Meanwhile, there is no need to panic if you don’t make it to the first phase. There is always the next minting phase, albeit you might need to wait for a little bit so make sure to get yours first before the opportunity sells out for the phase!

This minting mechanic is somewhat similar to how NFT collections on OpenSea are listed (1/10,000 in a set). The most impressive part of the minting process is that you have all the time in the world to continuously build and customize your ozuratar the way you want it as opposed to a “one and done” NFT minted from a collection.

You can add some of your real-life traits to the ozuratar to make it look more like you. For instance, your avatar can possess dark or brown hair; a round or oblong face, depending on your real-life appearance.

In the same vein, you can equally customize cosmetic features such as jewelry, pants, shirts, and eyewear to make it unique and good-looking.

2. Explore the Default “Guest” Avatar

The default guest Operator allows users to explore the Ozura platform without creating an account. However, the guest version doesn’t support minting or customizing the ozuratar. Guest users are limited to using this “guest” avatar.

Notwithstanding, you can be rest assured that your avatar will feature impressive qualities that will attract many users, even if you aren’t able to fully customize it.

What is an Ozura-Issued Skin?

Now unlike an ozuratar that users can customize and mint these Ozura-issued skins are exclusive full body skins for your ozuratar created by the Ozura team directly for the community.

These skins aren’t customizable in any sense, but where it lacks in personalization it makes up for in rarity. You won’t be disappointed if you can get your hands on one of these ultrarare skins to show off to other users or sell to the highest bidder within the marketplace.

The all-inclusive decentralized metaverse platform is set to be launched later this year. In the meantime, you can follow our social media pages to stay updated.

Website: Ozura.io

Twitter account: @Ozurachain

Instagram: @Ozura.io

Discord: https://discord.gg/ozura


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