NPAS, SBS Friday-Saturday Korean drama ‘Again My Life’ production support


NPAS announced that it would support the production of the SBS Friday-Saturday Korean drama ‘Again My Life’, which aired for the first time on the 8th.

SBS Friday-Saturday Korean drama Again My Life is a Korean drama in which a passionate swordsman with outstanding abilities punishes absolute evil, implements justice, and provides exhilarating catharsis. It is said that it was enough to catch the attention of viewers from the first airing with a story that stands out with famous actors such as Lee Joon-gi and Lee Kyung-young, and Kim Ji-eun, who radiate their presence.

NPAS, which supports the production of this Korean drama, is about to release the 3D metaverse MMORPG ‘MARS’.

MARS introduces advanced 3D metaverse technology to catch the eyes of users, fights alien races, protects territory, and restores outposts, giving pleasure to the process of making ‘MARS’ into a second earth. It is highly accessible as it is linked with various platforms (web, Android, IOS applications, etc.) and devices.

An official from NPAS said, “With the release of MARS, we will open a new horizon for 3D metaverse games and take a step closer to the public through publicity through support for the production of Again My Life.”


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