Mysterverse NFT? Find your fortune zodiac at Mysterverse!


The concept of NFT first appeared in 2017, and was considered a “goofy” technology back then(such as collecting CryptoKitties). In just 4 years, however,NFT has gain an growing adoption and admiration among artists, designers, game developers, musicians and even major manufacturers across the world.

From Alipay’s own NFT collections that started selling last year, to super-star Jay Chou shared a screenshot of Phanta Bear NFT on Instagram at the beginning of 2022, and 10,000 Phantom Bear NFTs were all sold out in less than an hour (the total trade volume exceeded 62 million RMB ). All these events are indicating the broad prospects of this market.

The Instagram page of Jay Chou and his wife Hannah Quinlivan

However, even if the uncommon terms NFT and Metaverse have appeared on the Chinese Spring Festival Gala this year, compared to the entire industry, the participation of Asians is still very low. Why?

Is that the Asians don’t love art? Don’t Asians love to collect limited editions? Don’t Asians love buying commodities which value have potential to appreciate?

If the answers are no, then why are the Chinese zodiac limited editions launched by luxury brands every year all sold out really fast? No matter how they look and how outrageously expensive they are?

Limited edition jacket of the year of bull by Dior (Weibo)

Actually the Chinese are so obsessed with zodiac elements that they all believe in wearing red underwear in the year of birth would keep bad things away, which can all be interpreted as traditional behaviors. Then wouldn’t NFTs with traditional meanings be serious appealing to them?

Does such NFT exist?

The answer is yes!

On the 24th Jan., the pre-sale of Lucky Zodiac collections by Mysterverse started, and the pre-sale price was 0.1ETH. In just one month, the floor price of the collection has risen to 0.25ETH, which is a 250% percent raise!

The Dragon

The Lucky Zodiac collection has 396 NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. There are a total of 12 different types of animals with various traits, but only 33 pieces of each animal are available for sale. Every single piece of the collection is handmade by famous artists Celine Ngai and Chiu Chun Pao. The design concept of the Lucky Zodiac is a mix of the eight characters, the five elements and the mythological background of the 12 animals, so each Lucky Zodiac NFT can provide a special effect based on the buyer and the animal.

Even if you are not an NFT enthusiast, from the perspective of metaphysics and the artistic style, this collection is very suitable as a holiday present for the elders and friends. Printing it out as a painting will not only be a beautiful decorating, but it can also be used for feng shui reasons for home or office.

The Tiger

Aside from the value appreciation of this collection and the beautiful paintings, what was it about Lucky Zodiac that makes it an outstanding NFT among the numerous ones on Opensea?

To be honest, the first thing that caught my eye was this painting of dragon. Unlike most dragons make people feel intimidated, this one presents the feeling of protection and peace.

The Rooster

As for those who are interested in how to purchase one of these meaningful and beautiful paintings, here are some useful tips:

  1. Check out their official page on Opensea:

The holders of Mysterverse NFTs will be able to:

– Be invited to the Mysterverse global communities;

– Have the master of metaphysics to choose the zodiac for you based on your date of birth and your eight characters;

– Interpret your own horoscope and fleeting fortune online;

– Have the chance to get different levels of NFT airdrops.

If you want to get a whitelist at Mysterverse, which gives you the privilege to buy Mysterverse NFTs with only 0.15ETH, you can choose to be a active community contributor by:

1 Follow @Mysterverse on Twitter & Invite 3 friends;

2 Like, Retweet & Tag 3 friends:

3 Join Discord & Invite 3 friends:

🔥People who invite more friends have a bigger chance to WIN!!!🔥


💫 5 NFTs

💫 100 WhiteList Spots

Well, now you are ready to go and find your very own lucky zodiac!


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