Marketplaces and SHOP as a token

Shoppi Coin

Many marketplaces are adopting tokenization as a way of building a stronger competitive advantage. This is what new businesses are using to take on older established counterparts with centralized models of businesses. Although a centralized business can still be highly innovative and fast-growing, a new competitor in the market is likely to give them a run for their money when they adopt tokenization.

A decentralized marketplace is coming up as an interesting proposition for the tokenization process. New marketplaces based on blockchain are disrupting the traditional ones with centralized models. While the well-established centralized marketplaces could be having some tremendous opportunities for users, a new generation of tokenized marketplaces is coming up. Predictive markets, decentralized storages, travel and hotel booking marketplaces, data marketplaces, decentralized exchanges that allow users to trade assets, etc. are some of the industries that can benefit from tokenization.

SHOP token

An emerging marketplace that is disrupting the industry is Shoppi. The platform is aiming to connect local companies with travelers by eliminating the existing cultural barriers. With Shoppi, one can experience new local services and buy whatever is on offer on the platform. Shoppi is enabling ease of transaction through its native coin, SHOP.

The shopping and travel token enables fast transactions, as it works over the Binance Smart Chain, which is known for its low fee and fast transactions. The token is a BEP20 token and allows users to shop for high-quality goods at the platform Currently, they are working with the mobile payment sector, with major companies such as Amex, Mastercard, Visa, and NXP among others. All the merchants are verified because the safety of every user is at the core of Shoppi’s business model. You can also earn SHOP tokens when you refer a merchant that may be interested in using the token. As Shoppi races to disrupt conventional card payments with digital payments, there’s every chance that SHOP token will grow to become a force in the modern marketplace business model.


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