Let’s Turn Waste into Renewable Green Energy!


We just need a very little effort to recycle rejected or used tires, but how on earth, whopping 280m of them get thrown away in the US alone?  According to the Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology (FDHART) There is just Less than 7% of these tires are being recycled, while the  11% becoming fuel and about 5% of them are being exported out of the country. And the rest? They are just stuck there, thrown away illegally anywhere or sent them into landfills. 

The ecological effects of these waste tires can span a long time because of their slow decomposition, but these waste can be used in a great number of ways thanks to that same longevity and The technology that powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that are slowly making way into waste management. Devs and Entrepreneurs think and considered that it could even play a very vital role in keeping recyclables out of landfills.

Doing the manufactures and offers a leading eco-friendly and cost-effective waste tires and plastic with world-class design and technology, EMJAC. It is a marketplace powered by blockchain technology, will allow the token holders to trade on the buying and selling of recycled products like synthetic diesel, refined black and steel wires on a global marketplace. Such a trading opportunity exists due to the high demands of these products especially diesel which is an integrated energy requirement in every country. It is unique because What makes EMJAC unique will uses Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) to manage and recycle the waste tires efficiently and provides a global marketing platform for the waste tire ecosystem.

Through the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, EMJAC will:

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Emjac: The World’s 1st Waste to Green Energy DLT Project, After engaging in many partnerships both nationally and internationally, EMJAC proudly announces that We will be doing an IEO, partnered with the biggest brands in the world.

Emjac IEO is all set to start on September 2, 2019, and the exchange after the IEO ends.

The IEO will commence on EXMARKETs. ExMarkets Exchange and IEO Launchpad are one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges to trade bitcoin.

EMJAC will also be having an IEO on the p2pb2b platform. P2PB2B is the world’s fastest-growing technological exchange that provides unique conditions for investors and traders, and on it’s newest partner, LUKKI. Lukki is a convenient cryptocurrency trading platform with low commissions and reliable security.

IEO will start in START TIME: 2019-09-30 20:00:00

END TIME: 2019-10-09 16:59:00

SUPPLY: 350000000 EMJ

Token Sale Info: 

The sale is separated in 3 bonus rounds:

ROUND 1: $0.08 (September 30th — October 10th)

ROUND 2: $0.11 (October 10th — October 20th)

ROUND 3: $0.18 (October 21st — October 31st)

The “EMJAC’s vision provides synergy for ECSB to be able to promote waste tyre recycling and promotes green technology transfer on a global scale”. No surprise that it got a high rating grade from the experts of ICO Bench


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