Leman Legacy


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! We have all heard this saying at least once right? It wreaks optimism and positivity from its core. This is exactly the kind of vibe that is generated from the core of this unique yet intuitive project. Let’s dive deeper to understand the functioning of Leman Legacy and how does it add value to the gaming world.

What is Leman Legacy?

In today’s world, who isn’t aware of the concept of metaverses, right? But imagine a project that submerges multiple types of experience onto a single verse. This is exactly what Leman Legacy is trying to achieve. Keeping its core genre towards Sci-Fi, Leman Legacy has the sole purpose of encouraging both crypto and non-crypto gamers to enjoy the project.


To ensure that the project remains true to the users, it has to contain a systematic ecosystem that is well built and accessible to most users. For this reason, Leman Legacy has devised four basic pillars for the successful management of its ecosystem:

  1. Collaboration with Game Studios to enhance the experiences of its users,
  2. The project plans to adopt heavy inspirations from original and traditional games to develop a real connection with gamers,
  3. Ensuring the availability of unique and innovative ways to reward players
  4. Value the opinions of the community.


The Project Leman Legacy is Powered by the Nomel Token (NML) which is based on the famous BEP20 (Smart Chain Network). Nomel is a crypto utility token that works as the basic currency for the operations being performed within the Leman Legacy. It supports the Leman Lemaverse due to its various utilities and ensures the seamless working of the overall project.

Users who wish to interact with the Leman ecosystem in the Lemverse (play games, collect art and collectibles, etc.) need to purchase the Nomel Token to make sure they can fully enjoy the project’s perks. Although the project is yet to add games within the ecosystem, it’s one of the most important sections and will be game-changing in the crypto world.

Currently, the token has a total of 10 Billion tokens in circulation. Out of the 10 Billion circulated tokens, 80% of the amount is locked for the public ensuring that the sudden shortage of the assets won’t cause unrealistic hikes in the price. The said 80% is divided into two distinct networks, 4 Billion tokens are in BEP-20 and the rest of the 4 Billion tokens are in ERC-20 networks (currently locked for the next 6 months). Whereas, the remaining 20% of the total supply is intelligently divided into two sectors, 10% for the Reward Center and 10% for Founder & Team.

Project Addresses

Contract Address


Public Smart Chain


Reward Center


Founder Wallet


Team Wallet


Investor Wallet


Legacy Categories

Since the project thrives to become a leader in gaming crypto projects with its unique yet interactive games, Leman Legacy has planned to launch the currently-famous business model of Play to Earn (P2E) in its games that are yet to come. Along with the famous method, the project has also announced a relatively newer concept, known as Enjoy to Earn.

Enjoy To Earn

The unique concept allows players to receive NML tokens as rewards for unlocking different achievements and challenges in the games. The primary focus of Enjoy to Earn is to empower those players who wish to explore the game and enjoy it to its core. This step is primarily targeted toward the real gamers who are a fan of grinding it out and defeating the pay-to-win category of players in the global gaming market.

Play To Earn (P2E)

The concept of Play to Earn isn’t new in the crypto world and if you’ve even the remotest idea of crypto gaming projects, you must be aware of the concept. Leman Legacy offers various Legacy Games that will be discussed further in this article that will help the users earn Nomel tokens in exchange for their competitive gaming skills.

Legacy Game Categories

The list of game categories that will be available on the project includes:

Legacy Experience

The word experience in Legacy Experience refers to an immersive experience that is provided to the players in the Legacy Experience. Immersive gameplays designed in accordance with immersive stories will allow players to enjoy the stories from a unique and intuitive viewpoint. Leman Legacy is developing games using the latest and up-to-date technology that is compatible with different types of technology platforms including PC, VR, and Console. The legacy experience brings you real-world graphics quality in games submerged with the best technology to narrate different stories of the characters in the games.

Legacy Splice

Are you a fan of the retro game niche? If the answer’s yes then Legacy Splice is tailor-made for a gamer-head like you. You will get the chance to experience the vintage, retro games in the form of NFTs. These short games will essentially keep the users hitched to the platform and provide them with consistent entertainment.

What was the USP of retro games? The replay-ability allowed people to enjoy the gameplay with a lot more depth. From ATARI to NES, Gameboy to SNES all the way up to the SEGA CD’s & 3DO/GOLDSTAR, retro games had this unique element of replay-ability that can be found in Splice games.

Legacy Ripple

Legacy  Ripple will consist of non-canonical games that contain Leman Legacy characters or worlds. While the characters and world that will be involved in these games aren’t considered in the original Legacy Lore, they have significant importance within the ecosystem. Legacy Ripples can be both single and multiplayer games – digital or physical. Some of the most common Ripple game types will include card games, board games, multiplayer games, etc. If you’re remotely familiar with Mario Party, Super Smash Brothers, or Hero’s of the Storm,  you can get an even better image of how Ripple games will pan out.

Legacy Marketplace – Coming Soon

Leman Legacy’s Cross-Network Marketplace will allow the NML token holders to purchase NFTs on the Leman Legacy Marketplace and receive the NFTs in the form of Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, as per the desires of the users. Stay Tuned to their website to find out more about the exciting marketplace.

Legacy Reward Center

In the Legacy Reward Center, the total supply of the Nomel Tokens is divided into the following sections:

  • Community – 10%
  • Game Center – 70%
  • DEX – 10%
  • CEX – 5%
  • Wallet Holders – 3% and 2%.

Community always comes first. Since the tokens are built for the community, by the community, it’ll also reward the community from celebrations to random Nomel drops.

There’s no denying that Game Center is the heart of Leman Legacy’s ecosystem. It provides rewards to the Lemanverse games’ players.

Since NML token is built on a decentralized network, BEP20, the developers at Leman Legacy have kept a significant portion for rewards on DEXs.

It is believed that eventually, NML will make it to centralized exchanges (CEXs) too. For this reason, Leman Legacy developers have kept aside a portion of the total rewards for their upcoming CEXs launch.

Lastly, wallet holders are rewarded time & again for their loyalty to their project.

The aforementioned information should help you get an idea of the impact that Leman Legacy plans to bring to the crypto gaming world. It’s not always when you see an emerging cryptocurrency project that has a singular purpose of only making cool games and enjoying the process. With the interesting rewards in the Legacy Reward center, more and more people will flock toward the project due to the highly intuitive rewards. The uniquely-designed concept of Enjoy to Earn along with the currently-famous Play to Earn model will serve as a differentiating factor for Leman Legacy as opposed to other crypto gaming projects.


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