Leaders-bit Coin Futures Exchange Launching

Leaders Bit

The leaders-bit coin futures exchange opened.

The leaders-bit exchange is a Hong Kong-based coin futures exchange and currently supports BTC/USDT transactions.

Leverage supports up to 100 times, and indefinite transactions without position expiration are possible.

Leaders-bit will support Ethereum/USDT transactions in the future.

Not only Ethereum but also current major coins such as Ripple, Tron, and others, as well as various coins such as Altcoin, will be available for trading.

Leaders-bit will also provide copy trading.

Copy trading is a way to invest by referring to the transactions of traders who are already making successful transactions. Many exchanges already offer copy trading, so we look forward to how leaders-bit copy-triading will proceed.

Currently, it is holding a deposit fee support event for new subscribers with deposit fee support.


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