Is Qardcoin Token new Bitcoin of E-commerce?


Qardcoin Token is a promising project that has shaked E-commerce this year, it is basically global buying marketplace, Qardcoin is single point of contact for all big merchants and real world products and virtual world products and assets.

It is connecting retail customers with any product in the world through any of the merchant for the best price.

Qardcoin will act as a universal shopping site for any E-commerce in Qardcoin Network, so in real life this means you will be able to buy any product from Alibaba, Ebay, BangGood and other big and small retailers just going through Qardcoin site or Qardcoin Pay smartphone applications. Everything will be fully automatized, Qardcoin protocol is doing that hard work for you. Qardcoin protocol will give you best prices and best conversion rates.

Currency Qardcoin exchange protocol (CCEP) will find the best rates for conversion to Qardcoin Token automatically and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other to Qardcoin token through their blockchain platform.

Why invest in Qardcoin Token?

Their Innovative idea about creating one big site to buy and sell things, assets in real and in virtual world. First cryptocurrency with idea of connecting e-commerce merchants and small retailers and at the same time turning real world currencies into crypto in the background without need for customer to do it manually.

They have already attracted large investors and some big names like JPMorgan, Barry Silbert CEO of Digital Currency Group, Dan Morehead CEO and founder of Pantera Capital and also Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

We are expecting a lot from this project. It will sure be interesting to see how crypto market will react on such an interesting project.

What is Qardcoin Token?

Qardcoin Token is E-commerce platform for cryptocurrency holders for purchasing real world goods and services.The platform will except Qardcoin accept real world coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple at launch.Qardcoin token will be primary and only token accepted for buying goods and services. Our proprietary currency Qardcoin exchange protocol (CCEP) will find the best rates for conversion to Qardcoin token automatically and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple to Qardcoin token.


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