Interview with RYO-currency Lead Developer Fireice_UK: Halo 2 ZK Proofs & Proof-of-Stake on the Horizon?


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To start the interview, could you please tell us a little bit more about your background and explain us the reasons why you came to work on the Sumokoin project and now Ryo project?

I discovered a hidden premine in Sumokoin while working for them. From there the two choices were to walk away or fork the coin. Community wanted me to fork it.

Could you explain the history of Ryo, and the relationships with others RingCT project?

We created CN-Heavy, then CN-GPU that’s used by a few Cryptonote coins like CCX. We improved Monero code, found a few serious bugs ( ) and were first to do major privacy improvements like removing the payment id privacy leak.

What are Ryo key features?

It is GPU mineable smallcap that is more private than Monero

What are the reasons why you want to switch to HALO 2 ZK Proofs?

What ECC came up with is the ultimate holy grail of privacy. No trusted setup, no leaky ring obfuscation ( ). Oh did I mention combining multiple transactions into one for scaling?

What does Ryo bring to the anonymous cryptocurrency industry?

Focus on real privacy and less propaganda.

Ryo uses the « Cryptonight GPU » algorithm. If each altcoin has its own algorithm, don’t you think there is a greater risk of attack since altcoins like Ryo often have weak hashrates? What protection against attacks 51% are implemented on Ryo??

We have extra protections ( ) Overall, the risk of 50 % attack is the same, nothing stops the attacker from switching algos

Is proof of work by consensus the best solution for you?

No, it is wasteful. If we can implement PoS without privacy loss on Halo2, we will.

The economic model of crypto projects generates a lot of discussion and debate in the crypto community (ICO, premine, developer taxes, masternode governance, community project) You asked not long ago to increase the rewards for developers. What is for you a sustainable economic model in the development of cryptographic projects?

I think per-block dev fund is the fairest. Unlike a premine, if the developers are not doing well, the coin can be forked from them.

For now, only miners know Ryo well, but communication remains very weak and the project seems very little known in the crypto community. Are there any plans to work on website development, marketing, communication or RYO rebrand?

Yes, we are focused on growing the team after mosu and psychocrypt decided to retire. We are looking for new exchanges too.

What are the plans and objectives of Ryo for 2021/2022 ?

Implement Halo2, investigate a switch to PoS.

What is the goal of Ryo ? What are your strategic directions?

To develop the best privacy coin on the market while testing out ideas like CN-GPU.

Do you think Ryo can become a bigger project in the future and why?

Of course. As people realize the shortcomings of Monero they will start looking for alternatives. Big and small.

If you were to compare yourself with other altcoins, which ones are closest to Ryo intentions?

From largecaps, Zcash, Smallcaps: Conceal, Dero, Hush

What are your thoughts on the future of privacy in crypto currencies (Black marketplace, regulation, ban on privacy coin, …). How do you see the crypto anonymous landscape in a few years? Will we still be able to freely buy privacy coins?

I think you will always be able to do that, it is nearly impossible to stop people from swapping bitcoin with something else


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