Hug Coin Payment Protocol 2.0 is coming.


The global commerce market is changing rapidly. As each marketplace evolves, new products are emerging. The marketplace has changed, but the payment system is still unchanged.

In the past, payment solutions were developed through fintech to further boost consumption, but now payment solutions are not keeping up with market changes.

The reason is that the marketplace is no longer limited to offline and online, but a new P2P-based good called Cryptocurrency through blockchain is being introduced.

In addition, the marketplace newly reorganized into crypto currency is growing exponentially, so a comprehensive payment solution will be needed to integrate them in the future.

With Hug Coin’s Payment Protocol 2.0, we would like to open an era of next-generation integrated payments that support both online and offline as well as Metabus, NFT, and Cryptocurrency payments.

Hug Coin intends to promote new innovation in the real economy by converging P2P payments/off-the-shelf financial payments that were previously absent. Currently, Hug Coin is conducting various experimental activities with various alliances.

At the end of February, the alliance was reorganized to secure partners to introduce Hug Coin’s Payment Protocol 2.0. If you are interested in any update on Hug Coin, please refer to the URL below.


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