Hug Coin launches OTC platform Coin GOGO beta!


Hug Coin, which aims to realize the protocol economy with Payment Protocol 2.0, has announced the beta launch of the OTC platform CoinGOGO.

CoinGOGO is a platform that provides services to conduct OTC transactions not online but offline.

As virtual asset transactions have fallen sharply recently, large additional asset holders and unlisted virtual asset holders are actively conducting OTC transactions. In general, OTC transactions have credit problems because there is no intermediary. CoinGoGo intermediates each trader and builds transaction trust.

These days, as untact is coming to an end and ontact is emerging again, regional and location-based services are emerging. Hug Coin has developed a location-based service for OTC transactions so that users can find and easily trade prospective transactions around where they are located.

Hug Coin said it plans to actively market CoinGoGo under the slogan “Exchange near you,” and will do our best to provide various benefits to users when it officially launches after beta launch.

In addition, Hugcoin is accelerating the development and update of Payment Protocol 2.0. Alliance using Payment Protocol 2.0 is continuously expanding, and more diverse partner news can be expected in the future.

If you need more information, please refer to the URL below.

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