How we achieved X100 in 60 minutes using this PancakeSwap Bot


In this article we will cover how we used DexBot; the PancakeSwap Sniper Bot to snipe the Everrise Token and achieved x100 within 1 hour of launch.

But firstly let’s understand what Defi is and exactly what it does.

Decentralized Finance (Defi) enables internet users to generate income in the same manner as bankers do: by charging fees for financial services.

In the majority of instances, this is accomplished by the provision of cash. These investors “stake,” or borrow, virtual money rather than dollars, euros, or yen, and they lend the digital currency to applications rather than individuals or businesses.

One class of applications that has a high need for liquidity and a high volume of transactions is Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), namely automated market makers (AMMs). Some people make use of crypto trading bots that tend to help them in a variety of ways.

What are Crypto Trading Bots?

Crypto trading bots are a collection of applications that are intended to automate your crypto trading. Typically, the trader or investor will need to monitor market data that are critical for trading and then decide which cryptocurrency to buy or sell and at what moment. Some of the best bots include PancakeSwap Bot and UniSwap Bot.

Automating the study and interpretation of market data is simple with cryptocurrency trading bots. They may collect market data, analyze it, assess possible market risk, and execute transactions involving the purchase and sale of digital assets.

It’s similar to hiring a professional to handle your crypto trading while you sit back and watch your earnings increase. For instance, you may program a cryptocurrency trading bot to buy more currency when the price falls below a certain threshold.

Advantages of Trading Bots

Both the PancakeSwap Snipe bot and UniSwap Snipe Bot have a number of common advantages for PancakeSwap and UniSwap respectively. Some of these include the following:

  • Analyzing Market Data

This module will collect raw market data from many sources, analyze it, and determine whether to purchase or sell a certain digital currency asset.

  • Risk Assessment of the Markets

As with the last one, this factor also makes use of market data to determine market risk. The bot will calculate how much money to invest or trade based on this information.

  • Asset Acquisition or Sale

This module of the PancakeSwap snipe and UniSwap snipe bot makes use of APIs to strategically purchase or sell digital currency assets.

Example of a PancakeSwap Bot

Crypto trading bots may often save you significant time and money compared to employing human specialists. Let’s look at some of the examples of trading bots:

PancakeSwap Sniper Bot

Earning while doing nothing is undoubtedly the best feeling. However, it is important to keep track of all activities! Therefore, the PancakeSwap Sniper Bot is your best call. It detects every new liquidity and allows you to make money out of it. PancakeSwap bot from DexBot has the following advantages:

  • It acts as PancakeSwap front runner bot
  • Scans for the liquidity
  • It has an instant access
  • 24/7 customer service is available

We used the DexBot PancakeSwap Sniper Bot to snipe the Everrise Token (0xc7d43f2b51f44f09fbb8a691a0451e8ffcf36c0a) and achieved x100 within 1 hour of launch. By setting the PancakeSwap bot to search for liquidity on the BSCScan Blockchain.

UniSwap Snipe Bot

UniSwap bot runs in essentially the same way as do the other trading bots. They scan for liquidity and snipes your desired token. Using UniSwap sniper bot has the following advantages:

  • Access to instant download
  • 24/7 customer support on Telegram
  • Free update up to 2 years


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