Energy Kodex Solving Energy Supply Problems


As the demand for new and renewable energy is soaring around the world, new and renewable energy power generation facilities have increased more than before, but thermal power plants and nuclear power plants still produce the largest amount of electricity.

However, recently in Europe, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants have been shutting down due to the inability to supply cooling water due to extreme drought and heat waves.

Due to these problems and the fact that nuclear and fossil fuels have limited resources, they are exerting efforts to develop the renewable energy industry around the world. However, it is difficult for renewable energy generators using solar and wind power to produce energy at a desired time.

To solve this problem, the Energy Codex aims to build energy harvesting and energy terminals around the world. The power produced in energy harvesting is transported in battery form through the energy terminal, so it can provide energy even where there is no infrastructure.

In addition, Energy Kodex is developing and exporting urban wind turbines all over the world. Energy Kodex’s wind power generators are very efficient in energy production. Based on this, the Energy Kodex will solve the global energy supply problem.

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