Airlines are both the fastest and costliest form of transport. To access this mode of transport, travelers have to spend a hefty amount when compared to other modes. Undoubtedly, there are countless surprising and amazing awards, tokens and rewards offered to flyers by various airline channels. But EDOS has set a benchmark with its flexible, effective and smart booking experience. EDOS has eliminated traveler issues like fragmented booking experience, perceived value diminishing, and many other consumer-facing issues with the industries.

Travel technology expertise

EDOS by EAST 2 carries deep airline expertise. It has an EB2 airline internet booking engine, which was previously built by the two co-founders, Stephen Bartlett-Bragg and John Edginton. This engine was eventually acquired by Sabre Inc., one of the largest travel technology companies in the US. Even today, it is blooming towards pouring airline services and online booking systems all over the globe. Soon it will be coming up with even more deep travel technology expertise.

Advancements in EB2

EB2 technology is being developed with the addition of latest and emerging technologies included in its functions. Some of these technologies include EDOS (utility tokens). East2 leverages blockchain and smart contracts. These advancements will create a new platform that facilitates both airlines and flyers as a whole.

Token distribution

When it comes to token distribution and sales, EDOS distributes 18% of its tokens to staff and contributors, 20% reserved for partners, 60% to its private sectors and remaining 2% to consultants. It’s officially and legally approved that EDOS tokens are compliant, used for community purposes and are competition verified as well.

Management system

Every company’s success directly or indirectly depends on the core management team, which exists for monitoring the capabilities and overcoming drawbacks. When it comes to East2, it has a well-experienced and comprehensive team. East2 currently offers the best airline services such as internet bookings etc. all around the world.

Future planning

EDOS is now well-established so it’s further planning to raise money through EDOS tokens. This is simply the same token which a flyer would be receiving as a reward. This can be made possible by using the Ethereum platform as it’s very simple and secure. This token option is very advantageous to people who have plans in investing money as a value of the token.

Rewards program

Based on the blockchain technology and token distribution, it is quite fair to believe that EDOS’ programs are going to be a lot of use to both the airlines and airline travelers. The reward program and its process are luckily very simple and they do not hold much time in executing.

So from the above features, it must be clear by now that EDOS by EAST2 is benign to both airlines as well as the flyers. For travelers, they can redeem these token for any airlines and the awards gifted to them won’t be expired. So it holds a traveler relevant marketplace. When it comes to the airlines, EDOS expands ancillary revenues, reduces operating procedures, decreases the costs. So ultimately there will be good traveler engagement. This system will improve airline and traveler relationship and increases their respective benefits in terms of sales and profits.

Learn more on : https://east2.io/


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