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The crypto industry is vigorously raising and people are hoping to discover and invest in new and potential projects that bring them high returns everyday.Crypto industry is a hot topic which is widely discussed around the world. Nowadays, people are more interested in investing in crypto and blockchain based projects than any other investment projects.SlotCoin is such a superb project with rosy expectations that it has achieved widespread interest among cryptocurrency investors and traders around the world and its community has now gathered hundreds of thousands of consensus players, which is amazing it has to be said.

“And whatsoever he hath, to him shall be given twice as much, that he may have more; and whatsoever he hath not, that he may take away even all that he hath” – New Testament –  Gospel of Matthew

SlotCoin Protocol is a set of centralised DeFi protocols, which allows SlotCoin holders that support it in discovering greater returns on their investments。SlotCoin is now hot on MDEX (HECO decentralized exchange) at 12:00 today。At this very moment, as the editor writes, participants in the project, organized by the SlotCoin consensus community, are lining up to redeem SlotCoin.It’s more of a private carnival about crypto experiments.So what is the magic of SlotCoin that has made its community members go crazy for it? According to the author’s exploration it can be summarised in four areas.

Firstly, it is based on the impact of skyrocketing projects. Since 2020, the crypto world has witnessed the rise of numerous DeFi projects thatFrom Dog to SafeMoon fulfils a real need for many investors to achieve the outrageous experience of investing in cryptocurrencies.Among them, SafeMoon surged 68,000 times at its peak, which greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of investors in the market. Those who had gotten it wanted more, and those who hadn’t were eager to get it.

Secondly, SlotCoin is more organised than most projects that rely on the community to spread themselves.When SlotCoin was first created, the project’s initiators organized a large number of members of the crypto community to work on its design. The team included not only geeks skilled in developing such projects, but also experienced investors in the crypto sector, a large crypto community, and a number of mathematicians and economists who are well versed in game modelling.From this perspective, SlotCoin is a co-creation of the crypto elite and can be imagined as a child of the gods, with high expectations.It must also be said that the group that launched SlotCoin had bigger ambitions, and SlotCoin was only the beginning of this ambition, for which the group founded ShareDAO, an organisation that is on ShareDAO’s roadmap, is hoping to gain users and attention with SlotCoin precisely for its next step in exploring the NFT track.

Once again, compared to most SafeMoon cottage projects, SlotCoin does the essential subversion.To borrow a humble expression from a successful person, “I am standing on the shoulders of giants”, and so is SlotCoin today. SafeMoon may not be perfect, but it is undeniably the most profitable project for its users since animals such as Dog, and SlotCoin can be seen as a step up from SafeMoon.

Total number of SlotCoin issues: 10 billion. The total number of issues is based on the market supply and demand of SlotCoin 1.0 and the supply and demand of SlotCoin 2.0, the subsequent NFT Mall Token.

SlotCoin value: SlotCoin was originally issued with the intention of screening seed users (affluent part of the population) for the subsequent NFT Mall. After all, we are all laymen and I believe we are more accepting of ideals of getting rich afterwards, don’t you think?

SlotCoin growth (long-term value): when the bottom pool reaches $10 million, holders exchange SLOT for NFT mall Tokens (for NFT cards, mall governance votes, mall fee dividends, etc.). So SlotCoin is just the beginning, the pattern is enlarged and our goal is the starry sea of the chain economy.

Lastly, SlotCoin’s model is perfect

1、Each mining has 17% transaction fee, of which 3% is automatically distributed to all holders

Purpose: Encourage coin holding, increase purchase orders, promote earnings and push up coin prices.

2、Mobility self-growth

Each trade is subject to a 17% transaction fee, of which 5% is added directly to the liquidity pool, then 50% is sold and the HT earned is put into the liquidity pool on a 1:1 basis with SLOT.

Purpose: To continuously increase the thickness of the bottom pool, provide a friendly liquidity experience during the hedging impact.

3、Burning deflation

Each transaction is subject to a 17% handling fee, of which 2% is burned off directly into the black hole.

Purpose: Continuous burning causes liquidity deflation and helps to drive up the price of the currency.

4、Self fission for coin holders

Each transaction is subject to a 17% handling fee, of which 2% is automatically distributed to the promoter. Level 1, 1.2%, Level 2, 0.8%.

Purpose: Motivate the community to promote and increase purchase orders, thus driving up the coin price.

5、Gold Finger

Each transaction is subject to a 17% handling fee, of which 2% is awarded to 1 random coin holder!

Purpose: To create superior returns, especially in the early stages, a great experience and good for community outreach.

6、Lotto Prize

Total trading amount, 2%, is credited to the lotto pool. Trades greater than a specified value of 1 million coins can be entered into the reward table, and if no new traders within 30 minutes, the last trader wins the lotto prize.

Purpose: The FOMO model effectively motivates purchase orders, drives up the price of the coin, and provides an exceeding return to stimulate continued buying.

7、Motivation for community operations

Each transaction is subject to a 17% handling fee, of which 1% supports community operations.

Purpose: To support community operations to achieve better circulation of the project and build a good trading scene.

8、Limited Purchase

Limited to 5 million pieces per person in a single transaction.

Purpose: To prevent whales from hitting the market. 

Defense (risk control) mechanisms.

1、Prevention of tax cheating: in order to avoid private transfers and privately created liquidity pools, transfers other than those bought and sold in MDEX are considered sold and charged the full commission, which includes all transaction to the centralized trading center as well as other wallet addresses, etc.

2、Base pool security: The initial liquidity pool contract is frozen in writing, the base pool asset HT is permanently locked and cannot be transferred out by anyone, guaranteeing that the base pool funds will last forever, SLOT will fluctuate but never go to zero.

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