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BTC Crypto Lottery: The biggest and safest Crypto Lottery company in the world

BTC Crypto Lottery is proud today to bring to the attention of the general public, their profound service platform. It is a remarkable lotto service based solely on crypto that has been around the block for quite a while now. CEO and Founder, Mr. Simpson made this known in a recent statement where he addressed the giant strides the company has made over the last year.

“We are certainly not a new service. Our company is simply trying to catch the attention of new audiences. We are expanding with crypto. BTC Crypto Lottery is the first of its kind and we want to get in front of as many audiences as possible,” Mr. Simpson says.

Never before has this kind of idea been conceived. We are just glad to have been the first to pilot this venture completely on the back of blockchain technology. BTC Crypto Lottery hopes that its platform will not only be of huge benefit to the general public.

But after seeing the many benefits of their open-source experiment, we hope it spurs other entities to see the golden opportunities presented here,” he concludes.

BTC Crypto Lottery is the first-ever and most popular Crypto Lottery site launched in 2019. The service is premised on the need to change the narrative as regards the financial constraints that come with Bitcoin. A crypto lottery wouldn’t make sense when Bitcoin was affordable and everyone could buy in, but our service gives everyone who missed out a chance to win Bitcoin with only just a small investment.

As it explains on its official website, BTC Crypto Lottery was borne after “hearing how the mining of Bitcoin became expensive and only achieved by the super rigs of the super-rich.”

On recording the continuous rise in Bitcoin price, BTC Crypto Lottery sprung to action to create a seamless system that made Bitcoin available to everyone. Now, anyone can get into any lottery with as low as .0001 BTC per ticket on the BTC Crypto Lottery platform.

Consequently, BTC Crypto Lottery has removed the bottlenecks associated with the traditional lottery system where winnings are almost impossible. The service has also capped the number of tickets available in each lottery. With better and more flexible odds, the platform is making it super easy for anyone to win big.

On BTC Crypto Lottery, anyone can equally play from anywhere and at anytime. The platform also gives registered users exclusive access to exciting weekly, monthly and quarterly draws available online. Winnings are automatically transferred to the user’s wallet and they get notified instantly via emails and their accounts updated with detail of wins.

All winnings are currently only paid out in Bitcoin on the BTC Crypto Lottery network. Winners also have the liberty to change their Bitcoin winnings to any other cryptocurrency of their choosing.

Aside from the main pecks of using the platform, BTC Crypto Lottery also operates a secure payment system protected by GeoTrust 128-bit SSL security layer. It runs a tight shift 24/7 customer support in 14 languages via Live Chat, email, and social media.

In the CEO’s own words, “BTC Crypto Lottery gives users the chance to become instant Bitcoin millionaires on a platform based solely on futuristic trends.”

BTC Crypto Lottery hopes that old and new signups can also use the opportunity to grow an impressive portfolio and become part of a revered global community.


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