Blockchain is here to serve you, not Governments and corporates

Blockchain is here to serve you, not Governments and corporates

When Blockchain was first created its only application was in enabling Bitcoin transactions. Fast forward to a decade later when its popularity has spread like a wildfire and its applications have expanded way further than the Crypto sphere. Governments and large corporates are beginning to embrace the technology which is making people begin to fear that they are going to take over.

Governments taking over Blockchain would defeat the very purpose of its creation which was to deliver financial and social power back to the people. Furthermore, even if the governments were to take over, it would be impossible to assert any control on the Blockchain because it is decentralized. The network is distributed across nodes in different parts of the world thus making centralization impossible to achieve. Therefore, we have nothing to worry about Blockchain is by us and for us.

Blockchain for personal use

Even though Blockchain has mainly been implemented by large companies and organizations, its applications are more personal than most people realize. If anything, these organizations and companies are mere service providers who deliver Blockchain applications to users. Ray Coin global is one of those platforms that are dedicated to serving you.

Blockchain gives you complete power over your online presence, you are the one that decides how to utilize your data, who to share it with, and who not to. You also have power over your finances because just like your identity, it is decentralized to maximize your freedom.

Blockchain applications for personal use include:

  1. It gives you peace of mind. For years, we watched in silence as corporates played with our information; identity thefts have also become the order of the day. With Blockchain, we won’t have to deal with any of this. Isn’t that such a relief?
  2. Financial and identity freedom. Nothing beats talking about control of your financial and online presence. Not only are you going to be making your financial decisions, but you can earn from your online presence.
  3. Limitless opportunities. Ray Coin Global is here to ensure that the world becomes your oyster. As long as you are willing to exert yourself, the opportunities are endless. The crafts and services being offered on the platform are vast and diverse. Expect to find something that suits your exact needs.
  4. It restores balance. Blockchain is a solution to very many questions that we have been asking for years and not getting answers to. It is de-corrupting charities and de-frauding the voting process among many other things. Aren’t you excited for the system to finally start working for us instead of against us?
  5. Connection with like-minded people. If you are an independent-minded person that would like to make the most of life, then Blockchain, and particularly Ray Coin Global is the right place for you. Your craft grows as your community grows with it.
  6. Extra income. A platform like Ray Coin Global provides users with an opportunity to earn from their crafts and talents. The best part is that they are exposed to a worldwide market making it much easier to succeed. Without Blockchain, such an opportunity would be impossible to come across.
  7. Pseudonymity. The users’ identity and personal data are protected during transactions.
  8. Assurance of high-quality products. Blockchain enables the tracking of goods along the supply chains. Users can verify the source, manufacturers, and raw materials used. As such, it is easy to identify counterfeit goods and avoid them.
  9. Assurance of the best possible customer experience. Blockchain takes power away from corporates and retail stores and gives it back to the people. As such, these businesses but to maximize customer experience to retain customers.


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