One of today’s fastest-growing business areas is the creator economy. Web 2.0 platforms are no longer relied upon by creators for the infrastructure that they have traditionally given in order to make money. Creators are migrating their audience away from larger platforms and onto their own websites and apps to adopt new monetization strategies. The power of creators can encourage widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing direct, secure, and fast transactions. A currency designed specifically for the creative economy can serve as a monetization tool as well as an investment vehicle for holding and appreciating the value that creators make collectively. BlackGoldCard aims to use breakthrough blockchain technology to become the major money and method of safe, anonymous virtual transactions for industries not limited to: mainstream/adult creators, gaming, gambling, and more, including their migration to the metaverse.

Digital content providers can use platforms like BGC to develop an online community and sell their work directly to their followers and subscribers. BGC is enabled by a digital paywall for direct monetization, unlike social networking networks where users generate money indirectly through advertisements placed within their content. Even if they don’t want to work full-time as a digital content developer, they can make money by selling their work on BGC in their leisure time.

Some of these potential partnerships are already in an early phase of development and integration. Factoring in all of these potential market opportunities, BlackGoldCard aims to become a major player in these fast developing sectors. These sectors include the incredible growth of collectibles in the form of NFTs. In the near term, BGC will be the first platform to host an exclusive marketplace offering NFT’s only available for purchase with BGC. In the longer term, the team behind BGC will be preparing the tools needed for all partners and platforms to integrate their offerings into the metaverse. To achieve this, they have the advantage of working with long standing personal contacts who have for the last decade been constructing the metaverse’s architecture and underlying technology.

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