Binance.US will license core technologies: Catherine Coley


Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance.US recently featured in an interview to share the company updates and related roadmap. Stating the purpose of the company in the crypto landscape, Coley mentioned,

“You (U.S. citizens) like the freedom to choose and the availability to have someone not be the gatekeeper for you. Binance U.S. is really opening up that opportunity to have a wide variety and diverse selection of coins offering. We are not gonna keep it to just a simple few.”

Coley also highlighted that Binance will build on its existing diversity and provide users the authority to trade, store and manage “dollar or any other tokens” to help them grow their personal wealth. According to the entrepreneur, Binance U.S. is streamlining the process of allows users to own cryptocurrency by trading fiat and plans to soon increase its list of 24 coins upon evaluation process that can deliver only quality projects.

Speaking about the primary business,, Coley said that the company’s platform development is highly dependent on the user feedback and that Binance U.S. will be licensing some of its core technologies to maintain its leading edge.

The Binance CEO also stressed some of the use cases of its in-house token BNB, stating that it can be used to reduce trading fees by 25%. She also added that BNB provides access to Binance’s several projects such as Binance Charity Foundation, which converts BNB tokens into actual donations. She added,

“It’s an easy way to have kind of global crowdsourcing of charity foundation and funding.”

On an end note, Coley highlighted the launch of BUSD, which is Binance-issued stablecoin and warned users to consider its different from the pioneering BNB token.


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