Biggest problem with NFTs that nftVegas is trying to solve.


The big problem that we all are facing in the NFT world is that most of the NFTs have no value after 5 years. NFT today is just a “get rich quick” opportunity that most people see. We are in the same position where Bitcoin was in 2013 – most people will not see it yet. Imagine how many people actually lost their opportunity by selling coins in the past for just a dollar – now the same amount of coins are worth millions of euros.

In the NFT world, most people will buy pictures and hope they succeed. There are also people who buy fake Apes because they look like Apes and maybe they also succeed – the reality? Probably a waste of money. There are also some projects that promise amazing things, but behind there are just some basic people figuring out to become millionaires.
Easiest way to find out is, when they hide themselves behind some weird character names. Why hide yourself, if you are doing the right thing?
Also many of them are starting to live luxurious lifestyles, etc…
The very RED flag for business is when the leader starts to live a better life right months after launching business. Whose money are they spending? Their own or yours? That’s actually a pretty good question, right?!

But that doesn’t mean that all the projects are bad. Of Course Apes and Punks are rich people’s game field, but there are many other upcoming amazing projects going on right now. In this certain article we want to point fingers at nftVegas. Why? Because this project is another project that is sustainable because of the team and also the transparency. They are verified in Polyscan by Polygon Networks. They have their own minting engines, so minting will happen straight in nftVegas servers. They store collections in IPFS for collectors’ security. Their first project was already selling over 1000 collectables within hours. We found that this project will stand out of the crowd between others and needs to have more attention. nftVegas is standing for something that is needed in the NFT field – project behind jpeg files. You are not buying just some worthless jpeg, but you are buying the key to the project behind the image.

As Facebook was beating MySpace, maybe in the future nftVegas will beat whales in the NFT world. From our side, we wish good luck for all the collectors and recommend keeping your eye on nftVegas.


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