Add Liquidity to ETH/DWETH Pair and Win a guaranteed Ledger Nano S!


The first four liquidity providers per month (3 months campaign) to add a minimum of $3000 ($1500 each side) liquidity for ETH/DWETH Pair on DCTDEX locked for three months, and be guaranteed to receive a Ledger Nano S.

Contribute to the ETH/DWETH Pair and make DCTDEX the gateway for the avalanche ecosystem, various crosschain bridges to various blockchain and DCTDEX swapping pairs! Not only will liquidity providers receive 0.3% swapping fees for each swap that occurs on the pair, with NO impairment loss, but for 3 months the FIRST 4 users per month that provides $3,000 USD worth of liquidity and lock it for minimum of 3 months via will be guaranteed receive one of 12 Ledger Nano S. Here’s how you can participate :

For a Detailed Guide check our Medium Post: 

DCTDAO is the creator of the first Gas-less Quantum Proof Cross-Chain DEX, that runs on DCore Polkadot Moonbeam Avalanche and more called DCTDEX. DCTDAO will also create DAPPs for Token Wrapping, Project Governance Platform with the whole ecosystem being powered by DCTDAO native token called DCTD.

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