ACENT(ACE), A New Project That Attracted Attention Among Major Cryptocurrencies


With the rise of ACENT (ACE), a new project among the major cryptocurrencies, it is attracting a lot of attention from global investors.

ACENT(ACE), which was listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin on April 30th, rose 53% in price on May 7th, ranking third in the growth rate. Cryptocurrencies that surged on this day were ▲QTum (QTUM) 80%↑, ▲Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) 65%↑, ▲Ethereum Classic (ETC) 50%↑, ▲EOS (EOS) 42%↑, etc. On the other hand, the main cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum showed poor performance by 1~4%.

On May 10th, ACENT(ACE) reached the top of the day’s growth rate with a high of more than 284% to 0.9 USD. The total amount of the transactions was 19 million USD, which was 6 times more than the previous day.

The reputation of ACENT on the cryptocurrency trends market analysis platform CoinGecko is ‘Good 89%’, showing a good image to investors. In addition, in the daily trading ranking of KuCoin, ACENT has entered the top 24 among 319 cryptocurrencies. ACENT (ACE) comes in at 24th on the list, Dogecoin (DOGE) 19th, Next, Stellar (XLM) 26th, Ethereum Classic (ETC) 27th, Cardano (ADA) 28th, TRIAS Token (TRIAS) 30th, Tron (TRX) 31st, etc. The global cryptocurrency community analyzes that the news of the OSIRIS browser update was reflected in the ACENT price increase.

The OSIRIS iOS browser also announced the addition of a functional update (▲UI improvements ▲ad blocking and security enhancement ▲ the addition of secure browsing ▲customized search engine, etc.) and the addition of the ‘OSIRIS MetaWallet’, a multi-cryptocurrency wallet built into the browser; accordingly, ACENT is focusing on the popularization of the blockchain.

After its listing, ACENT has been continuing its positive performance by actively communicating with investors and showing excellent technology through opening a global community, updating its roadmap, and releasing a new browser version.


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